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IVC filter-stuck
Started by Emily
Posted: April 1, 2011 at 01:57
Hey All,
I've posted a few times on here, and everyone always is so helpful, so here I go again. I had a 2.5 foot clot in my right leg and multiple bi-lateral PE's in November. I had several surgeries (angioplasty, venagrams, thrombolysis, TPA therapy) to remove as it was blocking my vena cave. I wear compression hose and am on Coumadin. I had a tulip retrievable filter put in at my community hospital before I transferred to Cleveland Clinic. There was a big debate about whether I should have the filter removed or not. I chose to have it removed, but it's stuck. They say it's embedded on my vena cava. Supposedly this is okay and there's nothing I can do. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
Re: IVC filter-stuck
Reply #1 by EsMeralda
Posted: April 3, 2011 at 21:50
Hi Emily,
I have a 1996 greenfield filter in my IVC Vein! In 2007 I clotted from the filter down to both legs & feet!
Had the filter flatting and stents place in over half my body!
I was told that there is nothing out there to help us!
Need to have a IVC Vein replace and you don't live through that kind of opertaion.
Can you tell me if Cleveland Clincic flatting your filter and stent you up?
I was going to call them for help! I am very swollen and life isn't very good - sit on couch most of time.

Re: IVC filter-stuck
Reply #2 by Khaid
Posted: April 4, 2011 at 08:36
Hi Emily,

Read about filter removal on the following website:




Re: IVC filter-stuck
Reply #3 by Khaid
Posted: April 13, 2011
Thanks for the info I contacted the doctor at Stanford. I also found Dr Stavropolus at Unniversity of Pennysylvania. There was a lot of positive information about him on line. I called him and he himself called me back which was really nice. Ultimately I decided to leave it in after getting several other opinions. Hope it all ends okay. Esmeralda,
Cleveland Clinic didn't place my filter and basically just monitored my Coumadin and released me. They are pretty good with tough situations though, I recommend them if you are willing to give them a call and maybe get a consulatation or something. Good luck :)
Re: IVC filter-stuck
Reply #4 by Liz
Posted: November 16, 2013 at 21:14
Did any of you get pain in your abdomen/back with a stuck IVC filter?
Was the swelling in one or both legs and did it go down when you have your leg
Re: IVC filter-stuck
Reply #5 by Amanda
Posted: March 8, 2017 at 16:46
I just had my surgery today to attempt my IVC filter retrieval, it was
unsuccessful. They put it in almost 2 years ago after a serious car accident
and neglected to remove it although id been asking. Now it is one with my vena
cava. I am very upset because the surgeon told me having the filter can likely
cause problems during pregnancy and im young (24) so this is upsetting. I
hope to find a doctor that can help me. Apparently this doctor in Canada Dr.
Hadziomerovic is really good and removing stuck filters, we shall see.

Best of luck to all of you.
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