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Started by SHAWNEE
Posted: April 17, 2008
I am 30 yr old female, weight is 135,don't smoke and don't drink. My left legs hurts really bad. Started numbness and tingling in butt from sitting on chair at computer. Then pain was in the crease of bottom of left butt cheak. As time went on the pain went further down. It hurts now to sit on my butt on the chair and pain, tingling and soreness goes down my whole left leg now. Been happening for about 4days now. When i stretch out my calf it feels like the muscle been stretched too far already. I have not gotten hurt or did any thing to hurt my leg.
Sometimes i get sharp pains in my leg. There is no swelling,reddness or skin that feels hot. Although sometimes it feels warm on the inside. It hurts to push on certain areas on the back of my thigh and down. Skin feels very sensitive to touch. Like having the flu.
I was diagnosed w/3 leaky heart valves and i am taking propranolol for high heart racing. I was soooo scared that i had a blood clot in the leg that i rushed to the ER and they looked at it and said they had no reason to suspect me to have a clot. They did NO testing but they did stretch my leg and it did not hurt. But certain other ways i stretch it makes my pain much worse. They think i just did something to my hamstring.
It does hurt to squeez the back of my thigh and i read on the net that doing that and if there is pain then it's a blood clot.
PPPPPPPleeease HELP ME!!! My dr. wants me to wait for one week before examining it. Told me to take IBBproffen and sit on a donut coushin.
Does that mean that if iam better within that week then there was no and is no clot?
Could i have a clot?
Sometimes it hurts to walk or even sometimes when resting it begins tingleing and aches and i keep having to move it around.
Could someone pleassse tell me everything about blood clots!!!!
I had several other family members look at my leg and they said it looks and feels normal.
What could this be?
Ibbproffen only helps for a short while.
What are some thing to watch out for?
Reply #1 by Sharon
Posted: April 17, 2008 at 04:54
It sounds like you know the symptoms of blood clot--swelling, pain, redness. Some have no symptoms however. If you believe you have one insist on a dopplar ultrasound and a D-Dimer blood test. Those are the diagnostic tools to know. I hope you do not have one and pray it is a hamstring.
Reply #2 by shawnee
Posted: April 17, 2008 at 21:41
Thank-you for your reply.
Today it seem to hurt as bad. Now if it were a clot would feel better later or would it be continuous pain that last until your treated for the clot?
Reply #3 by Diane
Posted: April 17, 2008 at 22:05
Don't fool around guessing about what this might be. None of us are physicians and even physicians can make a wrong diagnosis. Sharon has given you excellent advice about seeking a doctor who will send you immediately for an ultrasound to rule out the possibility of blood clot. If you don't have a personal physician go to the ER of a large regional hospital in your area. It you mention blood clot they should order an ultrasound rather quickly.
Reply #4 by Emmab
Posted: April 18, 2008 at 01:09
Absolutely, you deserve to have it checked.
I'm only on this board because my hubby has a clot and didnt have symptoms.
However, the thing you describe with sitting on the chair etc is very much like Sciatica pain.
So I would say get it all checked out, but look for other possibilities as well.
Reply #5 by Janinerenee
Posted: April 19, 2008 at 15:48
Iam on my 4th blood clot right now. Only with the 1st blood clot did I have the redness, swelling etc. I ask for a ultrasound when Iam having alot of pain. This last time they looked at my leg and said...You have no signs of redness or pain. I told the nurse..I KNOW what it feels like ..and SURE eneough I have a clot from the groin to my knee cap and behind my knee cap, with NO redness or swelling. So DO NOT always go by the looks of the leg. Also after my 1st clot I had lots of pain in my rear and down my leg also. When I would sit, I would prop up only my bad leg on a chair and leave my good leg down. Almost every time I would sit I would do that. Come to find out the reason I was having pain was..I was putting a strain on my sciatic by putting just one leg up..
Reply #6 by Emma1974
Posted: April 21, 2008 at 23:31
I had my first clot in 1997 when I was 23, and had another in 2000. My leg was left with residual swelling and discomfort but I havent had much trouble with it since. I was diagnosed with Factor V Leiden and basically discharged from the outpatients clinic after the DVT had been dealt with. I'm currently in pain again and totally agree with you, Janinerenee. If you've had one before you do know what it feels like. I had the pain in my lower back, then my left buttock, then down the back of my left leg. I went to my GP who told me it was Sciatica and sent me away with pain killers. It just got worse and worse until I was in agony, and it had staretd to affect my vision. It was at that point my Dad finally carted me off to the hospital and I was told had I left it a few days longer, it could have killed me. The clot was huge and in my Femoral vein on it's way to my heart. I was told by the nurse I saw that if it had reached my heart, it would have caused a potentially fatal heart attack. I had a venogram (not pleasant, but a necessary evil) which didn't confirm anything as the consultant couldn't get the dye into my vein (after 5 attempts at stabbing me in the ankle with a needle, I asked him to stop). A doppler ultrasound scan confirmed the presence of a clot and I had to stay on complete bedrest in hospital for 7 days whilst on Heparin and then Warfarin. It cleared up but left me with a lot of residual swelling, and I had to make regular trips to the Anticoagulant clinic for checks on my INR. I've been off warfarin now for a good few years, since around 2001 and although I've had the swelling and pain on occasion, I never had a reoccurrence (aside from that one incident in 2000). Now, I have just started taking "Cerazette" a Progesterone only mini pill, which I was assured was safe for me, given my condition. Now, 2 months after I began taking it, I have the classic symptoms of another clot. So, I'm off to A&E tomorrow to get myself looked at. If you have the slightest suspicion that you may have a DVT or clot anywhere in your body, please, please do not hesitate to go along and get it checked out. Any Doctor woth his/her salt will be happy to examine you and put your mind at rest or refer you onto someone who can treat you speedily. Fingers crossed all goe well tomorrow and I hope you people aren't in a lot of pain. I know how bad the pain can be with a blood clot.
Reply #7 by bettyw@nl.rogers.com
Posted: May 4, 2008 at 16:38
I have problems in my left leg as well & I was wondering if it was a blood clot or not. My pain started in my back, it is related to a spirinx pushing on the nerves down myleg. Then to my bum. I'm to the point now where I can't sit for any length of time.In fact, I've had this bum pain for 5 months now & the anti-inflammatories aren't taking care of it. Now the pain is down the outside of my left thigh. I am worried, as I am not in my country at the moment. I do not know what to do?? Can you help, do you have any suggestions/

Reply #8 by Tonjadr
Posted: May 8, 2008 at 01:23
I just went to the doctor today because I feared I had a blood clot. No Pain but lots of swelling in my calf and into my theigh. He immediately sent me to have a sonogram done on my calf and the results were negative. I'm thrilled about that BUT I'm just not convinced. My leg (calf) is still swollen and from time to time my ankle and foot goes numb/tingly. Obviously something is not right but what else can it be? Would the sonogram have missed something maybe? I'm typically not a worry wort but this time I just feel like something isn't right and I'm not sure what my next move needs to be. (because I'm a runner of sorts I think everyone assumes it's because I've done something while running) Any thoughts or suggestions???
Reply #9 by Janine Renee'
Posted: May 8, 2008 at 02:02
Hello ALL
Now Iam on my 5 blood clot... I wrote in APril about my clot from my groin to my knee and behind my knee. I did see a Hemo and had all the blood test run for blood disorders. On May 1st was my follow up appt for my test results and all came back negative, so that was great news! But I did mention to the dr that I was having ALOT of pain in my entire leg. He looked at my leg...again No redness, no swelling, but PAIN. But again...I REQUESTED an ultrasound..
Findings.... Clot from my groin to my ankle...With an
INR of 4.5!! Always listen to your body, YOU know when something is not right. I knew that something was just NOT RIGHT.... I will be now joining Sharon In taking daily injections for the rest of my life.....PRAYING this is the LAST CLOT!! It is VERY fustrating do be going thru this again and again. I did have an IVC filter placed in March.
Take care and best of luck to all....
Reply #10 by yogalynn
Posted: May 9, 2008 at 05:20

Even after a negative scan, you still need to be vigilant. My first ultrasound was negative and my PCP diagnosed a muscle tear in my calf. But a week later, the swelling was greater and had spread to my thigh, further decreasing my already limited mobility and increasing my pain.

Long story short, a subsequent scan ten days later showed extensive which included what my PCP later called the "mother of all clots" in my femoral vein.

You may have to scream bloody murder but if your systems persist, insist on another scan (they are not always 100% accurate!) or a better diagnosis. After all, it's your life and health.

FYI--prior to that, I have been the picture of health for my entire life and that, plus another clot related incident last year, completely flabbergasted my long-time PCP. But I've recovered well and to look at me now you'd never know this happened.
Reply #11 by susiehorvath@yahoo.com
Posted: May 17, 2008 at 05:27
had pain in right side of calf on and off for one year. Painful to walk. Pain in lower back extending over hip area of right leg? Im 43. 30lbs overweight. 5'2"

No swelling. no redness.
Reply #12 by jackie
Posted: June 1, 2008 at 02:40
does a blood clot feel like a numb heart throbbing sensation in the leg that doesn't have any pain
Reply #13 by Sharon
Posted: June 1, 2008 at 05:25
Susie--If you did get a clot that long ago, it will already have stabilized in your vessel and not be as dangerous for breaking loose unless you have clotted recently--w/in the last 2 months or less.

Jackie--Blood clots feel different to different people and depending on the vein and location w/in the leg w/in which the clot forms. Some people feel nothing at all until they have a life threatening pulmonary embolism--PE. Others have swelling discoloration AND/OR pain in the leg. For me--it started feeling like a bruise in my inner thigh that I only felt when I walked. The next day, it was like I was kicked by a mule in that same spot--but again, it only hurt when I walked. The next day--it was searing pain up and down my inner thigh and a feeling in the mucle as if it were in a major cramp w/o the contraction of the muscle. Some people have the swelling and no pain or discoloration and no ther symptoms. My later calf clot felt like the leg would cramp and was very heavy when I stood up. There are many stories on this site where people describe their own experiences to give you other decriptions to look at. I don't recall anyone saying it was a throbbing sensation, although that feeling of blood running down and the heaviness, I suppose someone migh communicate in this way--not sure.
Reply #14 by barb
Posted: June 11, 2008 at 15:16
i have some of the symtomns described above. here is my problem and i need to know if i should see a physician. in the area of my left thigh between the knee and the hip, i have had pain everyday. a couple of years ago my physician gave me a cortozone shot for the pain, but never diagnosed it. she didn't know what is was and didn't take the time and test to see. not even an ex-ray. the pain is worse at night and keeps me from sleeping. it also hurts all during the day. i have noticed some swelling because it looks bigger than the right leg when i compare both legs. any suggestions of what it might be?
Reply #15 by Lois
Posted: June 16, 2008 at 19:36
I went to the Drs on wed because my ankle was swollen up like a balloon from monday and my leg was extremely painful and also swollen up. I had a motorbike accident on this leg (broken tibia and fibia, compound fractures on both) when i was 18 (I am now 42).My dr sent me to the DVT clinic at our local hospital,were they did blood tests and a scan on my leg.Because my leg was too swollen,the scan could not show up anything at all.So i was then put on fragmin injections (which i take daily into my lower abdomen) and given a support stocking,to be told to come back in 5 days. So in 5 days i went back,to have another scan (in this time my leg had gone down immensely,but still pain) to be told once again that it is not possible to see it,and this could be due to the factor of my broken leg)I am now awaiting a venogram,and have been sent home to continue the fragmin injections. I know this sounds stupid but i do not like needles at all and have a huge phobia with them (my husband is actually doing the injections for me,as i would never ever be able to do them)i am getting seriously worked up about this venogram and when i explained this to the nurse she just said "oh its nothing".How can she say this when she as never ever had it done".Im so scared,can someone please tell me what will happen and if it will hurt? Thanks
Reply #16 by carrie
Posted: June 20, 2008 at 04:50
I also had pulmonary embolism with NO apparent clots/pain beforehand. Eventually developed a severe groin clot (a few weeks after the PE) and with that, too, NO pain or swelling or redness beforehand. The symptoms after the clot hit, however, were severe: Extreme pain in the groin area, combined with the inability to put ANY weight on the leg. Walking on it was impossible. After treatment with heparin I later used crutches and then was able to walk after about 2 to 3 weeks. It was stiff and "full" feeling for a while longer, and then although fairly back to normal, couldn't completely kneel in a squat position on that leg for many years afterwards. Wearing a compression stocking helped. It's been 15+ years for my clot(s) and PE... and I haven't had any others. I still should wear the hose, but mostly don't (a pain to put on and off.) Good luck to all who go thru this!
Reply #17 by nancy
Posted: July 11, 2008 at 19:23
i have pain to the touch and sitting on the inside of my leg where it creases at the very top of the crease almost , when sitting i can feel the pressure in that area can a blood clot form their ?
Reply #18 by JennyD
Posted: July 11, 2008 at 21:48
I would also contact your Dr to have a doppler done or visit the ER.

I am new to the forum. I'm a 27 yr old female who was recently diagnosed with a DVT in my lower right leg and found out yesterday I am positive for Factor V Leiden. My blood clot was found on a trip to the ER for a rash/bug bite. I mentioned cramping in my leg and the Dr was more concerned with that than my rash. A doppler was ordered the next day and sure enough I had a blood clot.

Just for the peace of mind I would have it checked out asap.
Reply #19 by Nim
Posted: July 16, 2008 at 01:50
I have just come back from a very long journey and sat on a plane for 8 hours. I had a big itchu soft lump on my knee for a day, and then after a day it was fine looked a bit bruised. now there is there same thing on my right buttock, it looks and feels bruised, hurts if i touch it. Could this be a clot?
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